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que ellos también tienen riesgo de presión alta, sobre todo en obesos la recomendación no es más de una cucharadita diaria >>el consumo entre niños en 1300 mg al dia hay que controlar esto >>y sabores mexicanos se pueden saborear en alto manhattan y nueva york gracias a una iniciativa de una familia mexicana >>de que le gustan, rajas verde, rojos, con aguacate. >>aquí se complacen los paladares más exigentes. >>el vender tamales en la calle fue la única manera de sobrevivir desde que esta familia llego >>madrugan para hacer 400 tamales diarios >>el trabajo es pesado y muchas veces la ganancia pobre >>una vez listos los tamales, toman las calles para venderlos, muchas veces han sido multados y arrestados hoy en dia llegan los policías a comprarlos no a multarlos >>la venta les ha dado que comer por once años >>para hacer esto ademas nadie le pide papeles >>muchas gracias, y que delicia, no me digan que si no es rico comentar lo que ocurre e nlas novelas de univisión con un rico tamalito >>llego la hora de lagrimas, y cachetadas >>estas aprovechando. >>a mi me pagaron >>mire es
a developing story this morning... order has now been restored to the u-s embassy in yemen... storm the building just hours ago.witnesses say only about a half dozen protesters out of the largg group actually reached the main gate... and tried to reak the windows. this news comes just days after an attack attthe u-s consulate in libya killed several people including the u-s ambassador.the u-s is now vowinn to avengeethe killings. it's moving warships toward the libyan coast and preparing to track the suspectee perpetrators with surveillance drones. a maryland fugitiie is in custody today.. and it's all thanks to facebook.police say 29-year-old dyllan otto naecker was captured... after his giilfriend lickee "like" on a virginia sheriff's facebook page.naecker is a registered sex offender... who allegedly fled thh area without telling police.both he and his girlfriend are now facing charges. you may start thinking twice... aaout what you order next time you visit a "mcdonalds."that's because the fast food chain will start posting calorie counts on its menus... both inside the rest
for the struggling u-s-p-s.postal service officials estimate incceased mail marketing cculddcreate more than a billion dollars in new revenue every year. 3 the o's do it again! they won their 15-th straight extra-innings game witt a 3 to 1 victory over the seattle mariners, last night. comes just one day after the orioles played n 18-inning marathon that asted almost six hours.adams jones hit a two-run homer at the top of the 11th inning.he gives the o's a huge boost in it's race withhthe yankees for the lead in the a-l east .they're off today... but play the boston red sox... tomorrow. 3 many parentssare stiil making big mistakes when it safety seats. that's according to a survey where one in 5 parents admitt they don't even read the direccioos. directions. this is "child passenger safety week", so we have joel d. smith live in nottingham with a certified installerrto show us the other problems parents are having. ood morning joel d. good morning guys. 3 3 as you may know by now... fox45 is the new home of jeopardy and wheel of fortune. fortune.all this week... weere goinn b
're following more breakkng news...this time out of 3 philadeephia.a threat of explosives... on a u-s airways plane... on it's way to philadelphia airport.we're told one person was escorted off theeplane... an f-b-i spokesman did not immediately comment on the situation. & 3 3 3 3 3 p 3 3 33 saa news this morring... former baltimore avens owner modell died from heart failure at johns hopkins hospital. he also served as n-f-l preeidentt from 19-67 to 69 ...anddwas a games elevised on monday l - nights. modell enjoyed riding in goll carts....and offcourse watching phe ravens play. modell was 87 years old.....his wife year earlier. 42-yearssdied a tom rodgers is here wiih reaction from the ravens... and governor o'malley..good morniig, tom. earlier this hour... the baltimore ravens released david modell... art's son... who says he was thereewhen his dad took is final breath. breath.he said quote - "poppy' was a special man who was loved by his ssns, his daughter-in-law michel..., andd his six grannchiidren.. moreover, he was adored by the entire baltimore community for his kindness a
students in the city school system. cancer is now the leading cause of death among hispanics in the u-s. s.that's according to a report released mondaa... byythe american cancer society. the finding is due... in part... to the younger age distribution of hispanics meaning..there are fewer hispanics in the u-s over the &page of 85... where heart disease is predominant. a startling new report finds members... are considered binge drinkers.according to the national institute f medicine... binge drinking jumped from 5-percent in 1998... to 47-percent inn2008. the group says outdated ssbstance abuse... may be to blame. there's a new bundle of joy at the national zoo in washington. washington. mayzong... the zoo's giant female panda... gave birth to zookeepers still can't see the they don't know if it's a boy or a girl.they're giving mom time to bond with her cub...but they're keeping a close eye on the pair....using this 24 hour panda cam.giant pandas are ennangered and the zoo has been trying for 6 years to produce a cub ttrough artificial insemination. kelly says: " it's a very
it;s 30th anniversary season. that's 56-hundred episodes of what's become tte most popular game show in the world.(sot pat)clip 153:06 somewhere along the liie, this show became more than a popular show. it became part of the popular is the longest running syndicated game show in televisiin &phistory...and a show... that maaes people feel good.(sot pat)clip 154 24television has gotten pretty cynical. and everyon's going oo youtube to bike and crack their skull, - and that's fine, but we're kind of a throw back to the days when ttiigs were a liitle more civil, and i think that works in our favor.jeopardy is in it's 29th season..... winning 30 emmy awards.(sot alex)tape #431:09:46while we are a familiar program. the format is the samee and has been the same for almost three decades weehave two new contestants every day, and we have new material every day. (continues)tape #431:09:57so it's familiar, it's comfooting, anddit;s exciting. jeopardy was the first quiz 3 show to go high def.....and it's set..... has gone high tech.changing ix times over 28 years.(sot alex)1:09:3
of the deadly shootings. police say a man in his earry 20's was shot and killed here just before noon yesterday there were also two double shootings.the first one happened in north baltimore... along boone strrettaround 9 o'clock last can see the victims being loaded up into the of themmdied.we have also confirmed that two other men trying to run from the scene were hit nd injured by passsng car . about an hour later... there was a seccnd double shooting in south east altimore... along eaton street.two men were shot here... one of them died. police are also investigating shoooings on rutland avenue... frankford avenue and northh streeper arreets have been ade at this hour. the checkered flag has two mile plus course is still &pbeing dismantled. joel d. smith is live downtown with a look at how many fans attended this year's race, and how many commuters will be affected by the course this morning. good morning joel d. good morning pptrice, and tom, the goal this morning at 5 am, was to have all access points reopened.... and it looks like phey've done that
. they have llst control f the game. it looks like the 77's. when i got into the league, cornerbacks could beat a receiver up all the wayydown the field. i watched philadelphia and bbltimooe and it looked like an episode oo 'oz', you know out of the yyrd of a prison prisontte nnl will have thee right to hire full-time offiiials beginning in 2013. theegame tonight will ave the regular referees. so no ccmplainiig!live at m&t bank stadiumm joel d. smith, foxx45 morninggnnws. &p 3 we are continuing to learn a 4 year old oy are shot and - during a domestic dispute.. and thh shooter is still on and thh he looss this morring. &pmorning.they were shot near gorsuch avenue just aater 9 arrived ... the suspect was gone... aad thee are still searching for hiim the woman was shoo in the tooso.. and the boy was shot n the hip. the victims njuries are not believed to be lifee threatening. a high speed ursuit covering sudden stop in north balliiore. this was the scene along charles streettjuss south of colldspring lane about 7 o'clookk last night.the stolen were chasinggended up crashing &p
trip. 3 the iphone 5 is now officially on sale in the u-s.stores on phe east coast opened at 8 this morning... but we weren't the first to get our hands on apple's latest gadget. gadget.couutdown nats nats chhck out this video from australia.they were the first to get the new iphone. and here you can see people in new yorr at apple's flagship store... ááad lib livelookáá 3 some people here in baltiiore already have their hands on the phone. phone. joel d. smith is live at a verizon store in timonium to find out if it lives up to the hype. good mornnng joel d. thinnest and llghtest i-phone everlarger disppay taller, not wider ... now 4 inches.faster wi-fi andddownloads.better battery life.hd viieo with better stabilizatton.turn by turn spoken directions.... map flyovers. already, the company had to push out some deliveries to october after early online purchases topped 2-m in 24 hrs, twice the record set last year with the iphone is introducing the iphone 5 across the world device's 5 previous debuts. tte iphone 5 will go on sale in 22 more countries on 28 se
and some give the u-s economy a boost as is not yet saying when the phone will go on sale... but bloggers predict it could happen just in time for the holiday season. iffyou're looking to upgrade... and want to trade in your old i-phone... you might be --- to find out how much your model is worth.turns out your phone will probably get you a few hundred bucks.if you have a 6 gig i-phone 4-s... you could get 275-bucks for an a-t-and-t version...and about 230 for the verizon and sprint'll ggt less money for less memmry, for an is cracked.some owners sell tteir phones online... or even back to apple. & singer chris brown's new tattoo has some wondering just how fond he is of his former 3eanne mooo reports. - chris brown's people say it pas a case of mistaken identity... the identity of a tattoo... is that rihanna's chris brown's neck. the eyes pre rrhanna's eyes his former girlfriend...who even now tells oprah... he was the love of my life. he was he first love. it looks like the rihanna that he beat up. it looked so much like battered rihanna that, even after br
's license and insurance please" " have a bladder infection." "let me s your driver'sslicense, please." "you listen to me." "no. i want your driver's license and insurance, please. then i will listen to you." the officer who pulled over 77- year old lynn bedford told her she would be arrested. whennshe didn't comply... the officer pulled her from the "you are hurting me" "get out of the vehicle." "i'm going to report you forrhurting me." "okay. step out of the vehicle." "you twisted my arm" "oh.. oh... you're under the police department says the officer did not breaa any codes of conduct... and was just following policy. bedford is cited for speeding and failure o provide i-d.buu bedford's attorney is calling for an independent investigation. 3the highly anticipated new film "cloud atlas" anticipattd new the highly anticipated new fill "cloud atlas" is turning heads for its race- bending roles. roles.we're going to show you the trailer.. where both halle berry and chinese actress xun zhouare transformed iito white . women.:23 halle berry with old guyáábutt toáá1:04 yesterday my life was
practice when he was shot in the chest. neighbors say they heard as many s four shots fired...but when arrived it was too late. marvit was pronounced dead at the hospital... and the gunman was gone.for detectives... pime is now slipping away. (anthony) 11:35:38 these precious hours immediately after the inciient are crucial to investigators :4212:43:57 it's devasting.(rrginald) 12:14:36 you really can't run from it in the city i think it's ere. here.marvit was a researcher for the natiinal institutes of health and an adjunct professor at the uniiersity of maryland.police suspect he wass killed in an attempted robbery. a court appearance is scheduled today... for a local hhgh school basketball star... accused of assualting a woman. woman.18 year old aquille carr.. is accused of ppshing his former girlfriend.. and mother of his child.. to the ground... and kicking and punching her during a fight. carr was arreeted last month on second degree assault charges.carr is the star baaketball guard t patterson high school and is considered to be one of the top recruits in the ountry. govern
or padding. according to the report, theree were 98-thousand trampoline- related injuries in the u-s in 2009.they say trampolines pports llke gymnastics, and only underradult supervisionn 3 3 the orioles take a hit...they lost against the toronto blue doubleheeder plit and drop out of first place in the a-l but for one orioles fan.. just being able to hear the game is a dream come ttue. true.(phyllis cheers)"just go o" o's!!!!"phyllis shotwell is 88 years old...and just got fiited with an ear implant. she's been a die-haad o's fan for yeers... but when she lost much harder to follow her favorite team.but wwth the oper now restored. (phyllls shotwell- 88 year old " (phyllis shotwell- 88 yyar old fan) "we'll it made a big saying.phyllis had her ear s sa. surgery at g.b.m.c. the suspecttin a bizarre break-in at an oregon home... appears n court. court.on monday... christian villarreal-castillo appeared in front of a judgg... juut days after he waa found sleeping on a woman's kitchen f. floor. deputies say hee things to sttal.the suspect police believe it was because... he planned to se
395 beeairfibermap mapfibermap -3 for more s-p-c-a go to foxbaltimore dot &pcom slash morning. cominggup... wwat makes this pizza.. ffr ann next... where you can go tt hear someegreat local music... ttissweekend. you're waathing ffx 45 good day altimore. good morning! wow. want to start the day with something heart healthy and delicious? you're a talking bee... honey nut cheerios has whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol. and it tastes good? sure does! right... ♪ wow. delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. get out ttis weekend and enjoy some muuic, food and fun! the street beat festival is taking over fells point. jane eebold from the street beat festival joins us long wiih members of us bout the event.... - ell - -how much does the event cost? the perrormance. eek peak of - 3 the street beat [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. i need your help... i just served my mother-in-law your chicken noodle soup but she loved it so much... i told her it was homemade. w
as riginally projected as the u-s goverrment says the unemployment rate fell to 8 pointt1 percent. economists several reports suggested coming months. cheers erupt outside the illinois courthhuse... where drew peterson was found guilty in the murder of his third wiff, kathleee savio. savio. :12 - :18 "the judge and jury said go to jail, ann throw away the key" key" it took the jury just over a day... to decide the fate of the former police sergeant.savio'' drowning was initially deemed an accident....but after peterson's áfourthá wife... stacy petersonn...went missing in 2007, eyebrows were raised... and savio's death was later ruled a homicide. the savio family spoke out thursday... about the ruling. :44 'savio says: "the feeling of joy right now is bittersweet, like i said beffre. i'll never have my sister again. i still have to but at least i kkow that she - got justice at theehands of that cold blooded killer ". the 58-year-old now faces the probability of spending the rest of his life behinddbars.his sentencing is scheduled for late november. peterson's defense team is promising
to be unveiled tomorrrw. tomorrow.and according to experts... the new gadget could give a boost to the u-s economist ith "j-ppmorgan" predicts the latest i-phone could add uu to a half a percent to the growth... in the fourth quarter. 3 people magazine's "sexiest man alive"... is no longer on the m. market.over the weekend... ryan reynolds tied the knot with "gossip girl" star blake lively.the two got married on a plantation outside charleeton, south carolina. it's the bride's first marriage and the groom's second. reynolds was scarlett johannson. o actress - before you go searching online listen up.according to the internet security firr "mcafee"... harry potter starr áemma watsoná tops the 2012 most dangerous celebrities list. list.searches for watson have a 1-in-a-8 chance of llading browsers to a malicious website that could result in hacked personal information or a virus. mcafee ranks jjssica biel as the seccnd most dangeeous celeb... followed by eva mendes at number three. increase your fitness i-q. i-q.the fitnnss myths that can get in the way of you getting in shape
communit" community."the pizza shop raised a thousand dollars. for fox 45's complete coveeage of the perry hall high school fox baltimore dot com and look for perry hall shooting under the hot toppcs banner at the &ptop of the page. some newlyyreleased emails... paiit a shockkng portrait of michael jackson... just months before his death. death.the emails... obtained by "the l-a times"... were written by a concerned promoter with "a-e-g"... the group financiig jackson's "this is it""comeback tour. one promoter called jackson quooe - "drunk and ddspondent" and "an motionally paralyzed mess riddled with self loathing and doubt." the emails are expected to play a role in two lawsuits involving says the emails are incomplete... and released to portray the company in a negative light. a surprising report is now surfacing about tom cruise... katie holmes.according to a - new "vanity faarr story... the áauditioningá people for the role of his wife... with the help of the church of scientology.the agazine reportt that an iraaian-born actress... wwo dated cruise from 2004 to 2205... was closel
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